Ok So I am going to be cooking up a healthy STORM next weekend at the Look and Feel Good Expo and I want to see some of you there!!

Soooooo I have 5 sets of DOUBLE tickets to give away! Thats like the best win EVER cos you can take a friend or a lover, what a great first date idea, shows you’re really healthy and take care of yourself!


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I’ll announce a WINNER A DAY from Today at 5pm till Next Thurs! WHOOO HOOOO


Ohhhh What a good lunch today!


I think you should all come enjoy this AMAZEBALLS lunch at Pure Good IMG_1758


Look and Feel GOOD!

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I’ll be running live demo’s at the Pouyoukas kitchen at the Look & Feel Good Expo in Stellies on the 25th – 27th October! Check below to find out more! hope to see you all there!

The Look & Feel Good Expo is jam packed full of fresh, innovative ideas & products to help you live a happier, healthier life and to make you look and feel good!
It’s a brilliant day out! A fantastic mix of over 400 health, beauty, fitness, wellbeing and greening exhibits nationwide, inspiring entertainment, education & information. Live demos, try-it classes, over R500,000.00 worth of prize giveaways, ifeelgoodie bags filled with treats for every visitor, meet the celebs & health & wellness experts!
Offering an exciting platform of education, entertainment and a healthy dose of the feel good factor.

The Look & Feel Good Expo offers South African’s an all under one roof opportunity to explore and discover products and services in the industry and to obtain expert advice, motivation and real inspiration to live healthier, happier lives through better nutrition, mental and physical health, exercise, beauty products and information.
A brilliant mix of entertainment, information and education

  • Be Fit 4 Life Stage
  • Yoga & Pilates
  • SA Sports Lovers Zone
  • Crossfit & Guinness World Record
  • Pouyoukas Whole Foods Kitchen
  • Laughter & Happiness Workshops
  • Style & Beauty Makeovers
  • Positive Ageing Clinics
  • Express Spa
  • Healing Herb & Tea Garden
  • Farmers Market
  • VIP Pamper Lounge in association with Longevity Magazine, Guvon Spas (Jhb) & The Hydro (Cpt)
  • Kidz Zone
  • Complementary therapies…and much more…!

The Look & Feel Good Expo feel goodphilosophy:
Lifestyle-enhancing solutions to help keep the L&FGE visitor healthy, happy and emotionally in control of his/her time-pressed world.

1st Out but definitely not last!!!

Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength.”

YAY I'm Through

Ahhhh what wise words considering I’ve just returned home after being eliminated from Masterchef Season 2, oh wait that doesn’t sound too bad, let me rephrase that… eliminated FIRST… sigh

No one ever wants to be the first out of anything, it’s like being the last pick in a team choice. You feel like a loser, you’re embarrassed, you’re even embarrassed for everyone involved because you know how uncomfortable they all feel sighing the inner sigh of relief its not them! Oh the shame…

Luckily I was never picked last at any team choices, I blame my incredible talent on a sporting field, or my friendly nature, depending on who was doing the picking. This however was very much a new experience for me, and considering I was not expecting it after the tasting by the judges I’m sure the surprise was evident on my face.

It was very ethereal, I don’t even remember waving goodbye to the other contestants, after wards I thought I hadn’t so felt a big loss there, you almost go into dream mode, actually you definitely are in a dream mode. For two days after I had to leave I kept thinking I’d wake up back in the house and it would all be a horrible dream. I didn’t even get to make a thai curry, my favourite dish! Or bake anything sweet and delicious! It’s a hard pill to swallow, the feeling of rejection, the bruising of the ego and the exclusion you feel when you are no longer apart of something, but I’m not the type to wallow, so I gave myself 2 days to cry, to mope and to moan, and then made a decision…

I rolled out my mat, sat in the sun and thought about how lucky I was to have been in the top 16 in the first place, it might not be very evident on TV but it’s a grueling process to get through all the stages. The stress, the other contestants, the pressure. It’s a big mountain to climb and I got to the top. I didn’t get to take the foofie slide down and land in a pool of marsh-mellows and flowers, I fell off and got a bit bruised and battered on the way down. It doesn’t take away from the fact that I am pretty proud of myself and even if I was the ghastly first out the program I made a promise to myself I would not let it be the last of me. First from the back baby!

How to distract myself from this big LC? I am going to do this…

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!


The Hot Auditions

So last night I got to be on TV! Whoooo hoooo

It was so nerve racking and weird watching with my amazing friends and work colleagues at our life style editor Vicki Sleet’s gorgeous home in Muizenberg!

We had a good laugh at me burning my dish towel and collectively boo’d at Chef Pete when he gave me a no.

Heres some shots of the moments and if you would like the recipe for the Thai Massaman Parcels, its posted here on the Good Housekeeping Website, and in Afrikaans here on the Goeie Huishouding website

Fitting song for the episode! 1 – because its my dads favorite song and I know it was killing him not being able to watch with us! and 2 – because I almost set the entire set on fire!


Yoga – my one true love




Its hard for me to keep this short, I’ve been practicing yoga for 10 years now and hot yoga for 8 years. I’ve roped in family members, friends and even unsuspecting boyfriends. The benefits are just too great to not have some form of yoga in your daily life.

Now here is an interesting thing… I never lost weight doing yoga, even when I was practising hot yoga 4/5 times a week. It just isn’t a discipline that my body type can lose weight from, instead when I ONLY did yoga I became a bit stocky, strong as f*&k but nothing like the super hot yoga goddess I wanted to look like. What worked for me was Spinning (read here). Anyways, its different for everyone remember that so don’t think you not going to shed the kilo’s with hot yoga, I’ve seen people go from super chunky to really toned and slim, in shot too like 3/4 months!

Anywhoo lets list some yoga benefits…

1 Improved flexibility

2 You get strong too! If you just went to the gym and lifted weights, you might build strength at the expense of flexibility.

3 Improves posture

4 Lubricates your joints

5 Keeps your spinal disks supple

6 Strengthens bones

7 Improves blood flow

8 Increases the drainage of lymph (a viscous fluid rich in immune cells).

9  Lowers your risk of heart attack and can relieve depression.

10 Can help in lowering blood pressure

11 Yoga lowers cortisol levels.

12 Makes you happy, like in a chemical way!

13 Burns calories, inspires you to become a more conscious eater.

14 Yoga lowers blood sugar and LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and boosts HDL (“good”) cholesterol.

15 Improves coordination, reaction time, memory, and even IQ scores.

16 Encourages you to relax, slow your breath, and focus on the present.

17 Relieves stress, like eradicates it in one swoop

18 Improves breathing

The above I got from an incredibly in-depth article from Yoga Journal Online is worth a read if you want to know more! But just reading the 18 points above surely you must be interested? yes? YES!!!

I practise at The Yoga Life in Greenpoint, I love it there, but there are lots of hot yoga studios all over Cape Town! I recommend these:

Yoga Zone, Strand st, Cape Town 

Hot Dog Yoga, Main rd, Sea Point, Cape Town

Yo Yoga, Cavendish Close, Claremont, Cape Town

Yoga Bliss, Regent st, Seapoint, Cape Town

Yoga Spirit, Constantia Village, Constantia, Cape Town

There are so many more I would love to try out, and they all offer great start up specials, usually around 100 for a week or two unlimited classes, Yoga Life offers a free week of classes for new students so you literally have NO excuse to not go give it a try…. It will change your life, I guarantee

This video is what keeps me going back… maybe one day…so beautiful

Equinox Yoga – Project DSTLLRY from DSTLLRY on Vimeo.

P.s that chick is called Briohny Smyth…. I think I might be in love with her, Thai teen sensation turned global yoga pro!


Spinning out

I’ve always hated spinning, thought it was the tourture chamber at the gym. I will never forget my first spin class… it felt as if my lungs were going to detatch themselves and run back to the safety of my sneaky box of camel lights in my handbag. When i stepped off the bike i thought i’d never walk normally again and I don’t even want to start on what my lady parts were feeling like…. not kiff.


What I was hoping I looked like


What I actually looked like

What I actually looked like


So when i started training for iron man I knew I’d have to make the dreaded trip into the studio where you get screamed at while loud euro trance pumps in the background and you do nothing but stare at the clock willing the seconds to go by quicker. I decided to pull on my wellingtons and get knee deep in the vibe (sorry i have been dying to use that statement) so i chose to hit the 6am class at Point Virgin Active. Now Point virgin is a world in its own and they take things seriously there… especially spinning, i had to wait 2 weeks to book a bike to even make it (god forbid i’d have to get there 30 mins before to secure a bike)

The instructor was called Quinton and as i set my bike up as best as i possibly could (trying to look cool) he started playing what i can only discribe as a 4pm set on  saturday at a trance party…. solid beats to get you warmed up for a strong session of stomping. 20 minutes in i felt like thats exactly where i was!

There was something rather distracting about the displacement of music i’m used to enjoying rather then torturing myself with, so the class went by quickly and even though i was BUGGERED i felt good. Good enough to make Quinton’s class again two days later, where it felt a teeny bit easier. The next week was the same and after 3 weeks i was hooked… i started popping spin classes like tic tacs… something i never thought would ever happen!

After 2 months of this manic behaviour i had lost 5 kilograms, without even trying on the diet side. I’ve struggled to loose weight for years, I’d go balls to the wall on one activity for a few months and see no results and give up, but this was really working for me. I’d found my “Fitness One” that exercise that your body digs and pays you back for by looking good… and i was feeling good too.

So for those of you who like me in the past were super anti spinning, i beg you to give it a go, for a few weeks, push through, and if after two months you aren’t impressed then maybe its not your “one”, but if it is, you and your healthy body will be thanking me!

Spinning worked for me: (after lost of research This website game me the answer to why)

When we work muscles to their extremes, we cause them to break down and then the body reacts to rebuild them stronger and bigger than before. This is due to the principle of ‘overload’ i.e. in order to advance and build up our bodies we must overload them beyond their ‘comfort zone’ and hence the body adapts, as it does to so many other things.

This rebuilding and healing process requires a lot of energy, hence, after a big workout such as a gruelling kettlebell session, a dead lift, or a Spinning session our body can be working harder than usual for a couple of days, burning more calories as it refuels and repairs. This can be described as having an increased metabolic rate.

The reason the above workouts cause this metabolic rate increase more than most others, is that the muscles worked out are the biggest in the body and they are compound exercises (working various muscle groups simultaneously). The bigger the muscles worked, and the more muscle groups worked, the bigger the metabolic effect, the more calories the body burns not just during the workout but in the hours and days afterwards.

Spinning is one of the best workouts for causing this prolonged metabolic rate increase. The principle muscles used are the quads (thigh area), the glutes (buttocks and core) and the calf complex (rear lower leg), all are amongst the biggest and strongest muscles in the body. As well as these major muscles, the hamstrings and all of the core stabilizers get a great workout too.


Can-venience Meals

I’m always up for a food challenge so when we got a late brief for a big supermarket to do a double page advertorial focusing on their convenience products, canned frozen and dried, I got my apron on and started brain storming.

Most people are super anti frozen and/or canned products, but when you have a last minute dinner to prepare or run out of certain stuff or its the end of the month and your pockets aren’t feeling so deep, knowing what you can do with the stuff in your pantry is a super awesome trait!

The theme was winter warmers and here’s what I came up with:

Corn Chowder

Pean and Ham Soup

Chicken & Veg Pie

Salmon Fish Cakes

Vegetarian Chilli

Peach Pudding


Shots came out great and the food was actually delicious! The pie was polished off by my flatmates and the puddings were demolished by our friends after a braai. The rest we froze at work for those days when you don’t have lunch!






If you want the recipes make sure you check out the July edition of Good Housekeeping and look for the article titled “1 Basket 6 Ways”







Fine Brandy Festival

It’s one of the perks working in the media industry to get invited to awesome events, like the Fine Brandy by Design expo…

This wasn’t one of those times…. Haha, our very kind copy editor Leah got invited and couldn’t make it, so I snapped up the ticket, and set off for The Cullinan hotel, collected my “Leah Van der Venter – Good Housekeeping” name tag and sipped on a cocktail made from brandy!

We were zooted around cape town with the lovely Elana Afrika educating us on the Fine Brandy by Design competition where up and coming designers are using their creative skill to design a one of a kind Bar. First stop Mano a Mano for a brandy cocktail and food pairing and then to Societi for a brandy and dessert pairing (YUM)

After we hit the expo, made some cocktails and all round had a GREAT evening! I’m def going to enjoy brandy more frequently after this eve!